Sasha groupie Luciano Szafir accompanied by her husband and family exchange an emotional hug

Sasha Meneghel honored the return of her father, Luciano Szafir, to the catwalks at the 52nd edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), this Thursday (18th). Accompanied by her husband, João Figueiredo, the model was present in the front row to watch the actor parading for the stylist Walério Araújo. “What pride! Congratulations, father! I love you”, declared Xuxa’s daughter, who will be parading for the Misci brand.

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“Day to honor his father-in-law, Luciano Szafir, at #SPFW. Exciting to know that you won this fight Lu, you are a miracle!”, celebrated João on social networks. “Thank you very much! What a delight you there. I love you a lot,” repaid the manager. The three met backstage at the event and had an emotional family hug.

Luciano, who recovered from Covid-19, sported an ostomy bag as he walked around shirtless. Szafir has been using a medical device since he suffered complications after reinfection from the disease. The artist was hospitalized for over a month and underwent surgery to remove a hematoma and colon segment.

Luciano Szafir explains why he accepted the invitation

After the parade, Luciano stated that the parade with the ostomy bag was intended to “raise people’s awareness of the importance of using” the device.

“Today is a very happy day for me! Parade at SPFW and make people aware of the importance of using an ostomy bag were my goals for the day. I have been planning this for a long time and this surprise at the parade was thought of in every detail,” he said.

Szafir asked the stylist responsible for the creation to make the bag visible. The idea is to remove the stigma from people who need to use it. On the last 16th, the National Day of People with Ostomy was celebrated.

“The message I want to pass on to everyone is that the ostomy defines no one! Let’s be happy as we are, let’s accept others as they are and give thanks for the opportunities that life brings us!”, wrote the artist on Instagram.

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