Sardinia, Volotea and Ita inaugurate summer air territorial continuity: controlled prices for residents and other categories

There shared aerial territorial continuityand without public incentives, takes off on Sunday 15 May in the skies of Sardinia. For twelve months on the airplanes of Volotea And Ita Airwaysthe rates will be subsidized for residents and how many belong to the equivalent categories (from disabled ai Senior citizens And University students), while all other passengers will pay for tickets at market prices. The two carriers, last month, achieved a commercial agreement for the subdivision of the routes on the airports of Cagliari And Olbia towards Rome-Fiumicino And Milan-Linatewhile managing links on Alghero will only be the carrier born from the ashes of Alitaliawhich on Sunday debuts on Sardinian skies.

APPETIBLE SARDINIA – Ita and Volotea (the Spanish company was awarded last October, with a decrease of 41% on 37 millionthe negotiated procedure launched by the Region to guarantee 7 months of territorial continuity after the last Alitalia flight) have decided to fly to and from the island guaranteeing residents tickets at controlled rates, without using (for the next 12 months) the regional compensations. Not a gesture of philanthropy, of course, but a demonstration of how attractive the island is for airlines. Especially in the summer, when passenger traffic is high. Ita was the first to express interest in assuming the burden of continuity, without making use of any public contribution. A challenge on the skies that, in close turn, had been accepted by the Spanish low cost, but interested in the routes from Cagliari and Olbia to Rome and Milan and leaving the Alghero hub in Ita.

THE FEARS – To advance doubts is Arnaldo Boeddugeneral secretary of the Filt-Cgil Sardinia, which highlights the absence of an address from the Region to ensure that the tourism sector is not penalized: “La Giunta Solinas did not foresee a price cap to apply, contrary to what the previous regional government did, and this could cause a unjustified increase in tickets for non-residents and all those who do not fall into the subsidized categories “.

But this is not the only concern raised by the union representative, who adds: “Some routes, some flight times and on certain days, especially in the winter, are not profitable and there is a risk that once the summer season is over there you find yourself facing some serious problem “. One above all, according to Boeddu, could be “the possible cancellation of flights due to lack of a minimum number of passengers capable of guaranteeing the right income for the company “. Then the Sardinian leader of the Filt-CGIL refers to the announcement that the Region should make to ensure two years of territorial continuity, after 2023. A road that still seems to be uphill: “I think they are waiting for the resolution of some problems with the ‘European Union and, perhaps, they will talk about it again near the electoral campaign “.

TRIBUTE TO THE GIGI RIVA BOMBER – For the first flight from Sardinia, the former Alitalia company has chosen the aircraft dedicated to Gigi RivaCagliari striker winner of the Scudetto in 1970. And who knows if this singular coincidence is not a good omen for the Sardinian team who, on Sunday, will play at home for their stay in Serie A in the difficult challenge with theInter.

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