Sardinia, stop at the beaches for NATO exercises: from Poetto to Villasimius, 17 coastal areas closed. Also engaged submarines

Sardinian beaches such as the coasts of Sea of ​​Azov. The Sardinian Union points out with concern and disdain that just as the localities of the island are preparing to welcome tourists, some exercises planned by the Defense General Staff forbid pearls such as the Poetto, Villasimius or Porto Pino for military exercises, making them more like landings from landings in Normandy than holiday havens. With an order of 5 May it Defense Staff announced that the island must be placed “immediately” under “siege”. The Port Authority of Cagliari wastes no time and orders with “immediate effect” the institution and simultaneous interdiction, with absolute prohibition for any possible activity, of well 17 areas at sea for military exercises, many of which, indeed, most, right outside the same prohibited areas all year round, those of the three Quirra-San LorenzoCapo Frasca and Teulada. The deployment will be impressive: over 4 thousand men from 7 NATO nations aboard over 65 ships, submarines, airplanes and helicopters, around the Sardinian chessboard. With a last minute ordinance, 17 areas in the sea are prohibited, in front of the most famous beaches of the island. From today, those areas totally outside the polygons and from the areas usually occupied by exercises enter into full military activity. “Sardinia today more than ever a colony and military center of gravity for Italy and NATO. A target internationally pointed to as a theater of war with the most invasive war troops who have chosen the island to simulate the most nefarious scenarios, and to practice fighting them ”, writes the Cagliari newspaper.

The map of closed areas leaves little room for imagination, each planning offers the dimension of the simulated “siege”. Between Villasimius and Muraveraother places in preparation for the summer season, the bans concern the “military” areas in front of the golden beaches of Cala Pira And Capo Ferrato. Always climbing on the east coast the ordinance embraces the stretches of sand ranging from Capo San Lorenzo up to Murtas beach. After all, we read, “we need to make room for a real one war at sea and not only that, with the deployment of ben 65 warships, distributed throughout this Sardinian chessboard with some distributed in the Tyrrhenian, the Adriatic and the Sicilian channel. The concentration, however, will be all on the Sardinian coasts with a ban on both sea and air space, because ships with missiles and bombs on board and fighter-bombers will not play naval battle on paper ”. “The i was not enough 7,200 hectares of the Polygon of Teulada – writes theSardinian Union – i 12,700 of Perdasdefogu and the 1,200 of Capo Frasca, from this morning the most impressive military exercise ever put in place in the Sardinian sea and in the Sardinian polygons will also extend into areas that have never had anything to do with military servitude “.

Alternativa intervenes on this matter: “Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini – the Sardinian deputies write in a note Emanuela Corda, Pino Cabras And Andrea Vallascas – he has mistaken Sardinia for a theater of war and will have to explain why he closes 17 areas in front of our beautiful coasts to transit, stop, fishing, bathing and diving, unleashing absurd scenarios with armaments and troops. She is preparing the scenes for a nightmare, but we are not at war and we do not want her. Sardinia is a paradise and must be protected, it cannot be used and polluted for military exercises for which we have given too much ”. “This government – add the parliamentarians of Alternativa – is playing a little too much with weapons, instead of showing our military strength with this ‘special’ operation, we should insist on dialogue and relaxation of tone”.

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