Sardar Azmoun, OL take a huge slap

OL dream of paying Sardar Azmoun in the transfer window, but the Zénith has just explained that this would not happen.

Faced with the delicate offensive situation of his team, Peter Bosz made it clear that he dreamed of a heavyweight rookie in attack. The Dutch coach would like to recover Sardar Azmoun, the Iranian striker from Zenith Saint Petersburg. The latter would have expressed the desire to join OL a few weeks ago, before going back on his words to calm things down with his club. Since then, Lyon has made an offer at 3 million euros, firmly rejected, and a second at 4 million euros. Enough to tip the scales? Not at all, says the Russian press. The Ria Novosti press agency questioned the owner of the Zénith and the answer was very clear. According to Alexander Medvedev, OL have no interest in insisting on this transfer, it will not happen.

Warning shot or bluff?

« Azmoun said it himself, he wants to stay with us until this summer. Serdar is staying for two reasons: firstly, he wants to play with us, and secondly we haven’t found any attackers to replace him. », Indicated the general manager of the company Gazprom, great financier of Russia and owner of the Zenith, and which is not therefore in the financial need to sell a player, especially for 3 or 4 million euros. Even if this speech can also be likened to a stroke of bluff. Recently, the will of the Zenith was to recover 5 million euros with its Iranian striker. An arm wrestling which is therefore risky at all levels. In any case, OL will still have to start looking elsewhere to find their happiness, because Azmoun has not given any news at all in recent days, publicly hinting that he wanted to end the season at the club. the City of the Tsars.

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