Sarcoma and intensive care: journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach recounts the unfailing support of his wife

Three years ago, journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach had a serious health problem: he was diagnosed with sarcoma, rare malignancy that involves supporting tissues (bones, cartilage, muscles or viscera). A mass of 13 centimeters weighing 8 kg is located on his left sideaccording to our colleagues from the magazine Gala.

The journalist then underwent major surgery to remove the tumor, and spent ten days in intensive care. Visibly out of the woods, the journalist has since penned his memoir, “The shores of memory”, published by Bouquins. A recovery that he says he owes in part to his wife, Nicole Avril, who has not ceased to accompany him during the trials of life.

She gave me back my taste for life, encouraged me to do my breathing exercises, helped me walk again. I want to leave first so that Nicole is the last face, the last smile, the last look of my life”, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach told the magazine Gala. That said, “no rush”, added the media man.

Nicole tempered me, protected me from resentment, even if, like the Count of Monte-Cristo, I sometimes had the temptation to take the law into my own hands. Without Nicole, I don’t know what I would have become“, continued Jean-Pierre Elkabbach.

The couple that he has formed with Nicole Avril for more than fifty years will have thus been able to overcome the difficulties, including that of illness, with all that that implies, in particular the delicate role ofhelping.

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