Sarah Lopez proposed in marriage? She FINALLY reveals the identity of her beautiful Hispano-Moroccan and an expensive ring!

Since she revealed herself in the 10th season of Secret Story on TF1, Sarah Lopez has been making a series of reality TV shows in which she tries to find love. Programs which have also allowed the young woman to know several idylls. But despite all these meetings, the former candidate for the Villa of Broken Hearts has so far not found what she was looking for. This summer, a rumor roamed social networks. Many Internet users affirmed that Sarah Lopez was in a relationship with Julien Guirado, also known to participate in reality TV programs.

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And yet, today, the young woman has found love, but in the arms of another. Indeed, it is again thanks to a television program that the former candidate of Secret Story has broken her celibacy. The show 10 perfect couples, currently broadcast on TFX, allowed him to meet Tom, a Hispano-Moroccan eager to seduce the beautiful.

Sarah Lopez unveils an overpriced ring

Saturday January 8, 2022, Sarah Lopez announced to her Instagram subscribers that she was preparing to welcome her new companion to her house in Dubai. And this one did not arrive empty-handed. While his beloved spoiled him with a sweatshirt from a famous haute couture brand, the famous Tom leaned for a piece of jewelry. And not just any. The young man gave him a ring from a famous French jeweler, the price of which is around 2,000 euros. Touched by this gesture, Sarah Lopez still chose to wear this gift on her middle finger and not on her ring finger. The two lovebirds are not there yet …

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