Sarah Lopez (10 perfect couples 5) engaged? She leaves doubt

Sarah Lopez

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Posted by Laurine Poret-Birembaux on .

Credits: Instagram @tombrusse – @sarahlopezoff

Sarah Lopez Got Engaged To Her Darling Met Out Of 10 Perfect Couples 5? A clue sows doubt!

Since January 3, TFX features season 5 of 10 perfect couples. In the program ? Anonymous and influencers meet in a villa to find out who their perfect match is. In the middle of all this investigation, Sarah Lopez has also found her ex-boyfriend, Jordan. If we could have believed in big spat between the two candidates for reality TV, especially because at the time of their breakup, Sarah Lopez had chosen to do it only by message, it is not!

From now on, Sarah Lopez can therefore live quietly her life as a young single woman in 10 perfect couples 5… But this is no longer a surprise for anyone, we now know: In the next episodes of the show, she will meet love! Today, the reality TV candidate is in fact in a relationship with Tom Brusse. If the lovebirds have tried to hide their relationship for several weeks on social networks, they are now very complicit in front of their followers.

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Sarah Lopez engaged to Tom Brusse?

Precisely, Sarah Lopez let her subscribers believe that she was engaged to Tom Brusse! In his story Instagram, she shared a video in which the young man offers her a Cartier ring! If we can hear him say to Sarah Lopez humorously: “This is to prove my friendship to you”, we know very well that this is not the case. But is it for all that a request for engagement? Nothing is less sure. However, Sarah Lopez hastened to put on the ring, which she never takes off.

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