Sarah Harrison tells honestly: Kyla’s baptism was so wild

Sarah Harrison (31) gives insights into the christening of her daughter Kyla (2). The mother of two regularly inspires several million subscribers online with insights into her everyday life. At the end of July, the YouTuber and her husband Dominic Harrison (31) celebrated their youngest offspring’s second birthday. Only a few days later, the next big day for the little mouse came up, because kyla was baptized. Well betrayed Sarahthat things got pretty turbulent in the church at times.

In your Instagram-Story, the influencer organized a small Q&A with a focus on Kylas big day to be able to answer the questions of the fans in the best possible way. For example, one user wanted to know why Sarah described the baptism as exhausting in the corresponding YouTube video. “A two-year-old child is of course very lively. Screaming, crying and laughing are part of it.”said the 31-year-old. kyla I also find it difficult to sit still for 40 minutes. For this reason, she described the service as “entertaining [und] exhausting”. “So it was a bit wild in the church,” joked Sarah afterward.

The ex-celebrity Big Brother participant also revealed how many guests were invited to the baptism. “You know, we have a relatively large family,” reported Sarah. Mostly family members, godparents and a friend were there at the celebrations, but in the end about 40 to 45 people came with them kyla celebrated.

Instagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah and Dominic Harrison at the christening of their daughter Kyla

Instagram / dominic.harrison.official

Sarah and Dominic Harrison with their daughters Mia and Kyla

Instagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison with her daughters, her mother and her grandmother, 2022

Did you think that so many people were invited to the baptism?

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