Sarah Harrison: Sarah Harrison fears a new phase of life for daughter Mia Rose

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Sarah Harrison is already afraid of starting school for daughter Mia Rose +++ Pregnant Kim Gloss appalled: This physical change is a particular burden on her +++ Theresia Fischer reveals the price of her leg extension.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

May 14, 2022

Sarah Harrison: Mia Rose as a school kid? “I don’t feel ready yet”

Mom’s heart bleeds at the thought of having to let go of her little daughter. Sarah Harrison, 30, already has a stomach ache when she thinks about starting school for her eldest Mia Rose, 4. The little one still has time before she leaves the house with her satchel for the first time. But her mother and father Dominic Harrison already have to think about which school they will send their child to. “It’s so funny, she’s so old, so crazy that you already have things like that in your head, I don’t feel ready to put my child in school yet, it’s just crazy,” Sarah describes her emotional chaos Podcast “From Dubai With Love” by her friend Ina Aogo, 33.

But it doesn’t help: The couple will soon have to make a decision and start looking around more intensively for an educational institution in their adopted home of Dubai. But which is the more sensible option: a school nearby or one with a reputable reputation? “A few things went through my head. Wouldn’t I want to enable Mia to become such an academic, smart child and study at Harvard at some point,” says Sarah, describing her mind games. Looking back on her childhood, she obviously wants to avoid potential wrong decisions. “When I think of my parents, they put me in the school that was closest and didn’t think about what can be achieved with this school.” Apparently, this pragmatic decision wasn’t that bad. As an influencer, Sarah has finally achieved a lot – and her self-confident little daughter Mia Rose will probably also go her way and make mom and dad proud.

May 13, 2022

Pregnant Kim Gloss horrified: This physical change puts a particular strain on her

Kim Gloss, 29, is excited for her summer baby. The singer does not want to reveal the exact date of birth, but it is certain that her second daughter will be born before her wedding anniversary with husband Alexander in August, as Kim revealed to us in an interview a few weeks ago. She seemed pretty fit, even though Kim only had Corona at the end of last year and collapsed in January due to kidney congestion. Nevertheless, Kim is still regularly seen doing sports on Instagram. Somehow she has to compensate for her extreme cravings for fast food.

But Kim noticed another change caused by the pregnancy. In her Instagram story she tells her shocked fans: “People, it’s really bad. My husband has now secretly taken me in, I snore, it’s time. Red alert, I’ve never snored in my life. And I’m short of breath without it end, wow!”

Well, luckily there are worse effects of pregnancy that Kim could suffer from. Kim’s eating habits and snoring will probably return to normal after the birth.

May 12, 2022

Theresia Fischer: The cost of your leg lengthening is in the five-digit range

Former GNTM candidate Theresia Fischer, 30, was not happy with her natural height of 1.70 meters. The reality TV participant had her legs lengthened in two complex operations. Her goal: to be between 1.83 and 1.84 meters tall. The reason? School bullying experiences that caused depression. The model started therapy.

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In a GALA interview about her participation in the reality format “Club der Gute Mood”, Theresia recently described: “Lengthening my legs is my own approach to healing. Of course, I also have it therapeutically accompanied.” Fischer has now revealed to “Promiflash” how much the two interventions would have cost: “It’s a little more than 50,000 euros. It’s an incredible amount of money.” Theresia Fischer would have to bear all of the costs herself. She explains: “Since depression is unfortunately not recognized when it comes to leg lengthening, you have to pay for it yourself, of course.”

Bad injury: Evelyn Burdecki screams in pain

It looks so beautiful and relaxed: Evelyn Burdecki, 33, has been on the road for a TV project for weeks, including in Mallorca. The reality TV actress still keeps to herself exactly what it’s about, but she still lets her fans participate in the filming via Instagram. In her story she recently appeared barefoot in the sand and in a forest with her film crew, apparently in hot temperatures. In the evening, she shows that this work in the paradisiacal place is no picnic: With a loud cry of pain, she reports to her followers. What happened?

“My foot burst, I have all the dead animals under my foot,” reports Evelyn of her day of shooting. She shows the injury: a burst open wound and nothing but small, black dots. The pain is so bad in the evening that she cannot fall asleep, she writes. That’s why she even has to be treated by specialist staff with a first-aid kit while she’s already in bed. When disinfecting, the wound burns so much that Evelyn cries out loud twice. The blonde still doesn’t lose her smile. She can even take the injury with humor at first: “The moment when you know that yesterday’s pedicure was just for nothing,” she jokingly comments on the accident.

Evelyn Burdecki screams in pain.

Evelyn Burdecki screams in pain.


May 11, 2022

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht proudly shows her little daughter

About a year ago, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht became a mother for the first time. In March, little Mavie celebrated her first birthday and her mum couldn’t be prouder. The 21-year-old shares a snapshot on Instagram that melts the hearts of her followers. It shows Cheyenne by the water with her scion in her arms. “mini me [sic]”, she writes proudly and puts a heart behind it. The little one is wearing a pink two-piece suit printed with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. But what really catches the eye is the hairstyle of the bundle of joy. Mavie’s dark hair is tied into several small pigtails that sticking out of her head.

Grandma Natascha Ochsenknecht, 57, is also delighted by this sight. “Brush Jette,” she comments with a laughing and a heart emoji. Panagiota Petridou, 42, who recently became a mother herself, probably speaks for everyone with her comment. “Sweet mouse”, she is enthusiastic about the two pictures that Cheyenne shares with her fans.

Sarafina Wollny defends herself against hate comments about raising her children

Sarafina Wollny, 27, regularly takes her followers with her into their everyday lives and diligently answers her fans’ questions. This also applies to her current Q&A, which is currently taking place in her Instagram story.

From questions about clothes, her twins to Sarafina’s new life in Turkey, everything is included. But among the many harmless, entertaining questions, there is also a critical one, which Sarafina is now commenting on. A user wants to know why the 27-year-old has been giving her children to Kevin, the twins’ godfather, so often lately. “Why not?” Responds the reality star annoyed. “They are their godparents. & If you want to spend time with them, you can!” [sic], Sarafina clarifies. She and her husband Peter will therefore continue to bring the children to their godparents, no matter what their followers may think of it. After all, the parents of the twins can always count on them.

May 9, 2022

That’s why Yeliz Koc is sad on Mother’s Day

Yeliz Koc, 28, and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 30, don’t seem to be that harmonious after all. At least that can be heard or read from Yeliz’ statements. Just last week, a fan asked how the reality TV actress felt about Jimi’s new girlfriend, Laura-Marie Geissler, 23. But instead of a specific answer, Yeliz dodged and only informed her followers that Laura-Marie was allowed to meet daughter Snow. Of Jimi, she said: “He can always call and see his daughter on FaceTime and of course come over.” A little dig at Jimi’s father qualities?

Also on Mother’s Day (May 8, 2022) Yeliz apparently hoped for more from her ex. When asked if Jimi gave her flowers, her answer is sobering: “No, a little sad. I would have sent at least one message. For that I got flowers from family and love news from you guys.”

Incidentally, instead of giving flowers to his child’s mother, Jimi delighted his own mother Natascha Ochsenknecht, 57, with a bouquet. Natascha posted this and thanked her son with a link and a red heart.

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