Sarah Grünewald states: Must not have more children

‘Wild with dance’ host Sarah Grünewald is the mother of her son Luis.

Her boyfriend, musician Ben Kaniewski, with whom she has been dating for two years, is the father of two.

And if it stands for Sarah Grünewald, it’s plentiful. She first hits this in a so-called question round on her Instagram, where her followers came up with the questions. And here was someone who was curious to hear if the couple was thinking of increasing the family.

“No, I do not think we should have more children. We have three, and it’s so nice, and it’s plentiful, I think, ‘said the host, who also said that she is’ tonser in love’ with her boyfriend.

Sarah Grünewald had the son together with her ex-husband Rasmus Backhaus. The two were married from 2014 to 2019.

With a ‘child stop’, Sarah Grünewald goes in the opposite direction of her ex-colleague from ‘Wild with dance’, Christian Schaumburg Müller, who recently announced that she is pregnant.

Another of the big steps of the relationship, namely moving together, is not in the cards for Sarah Grünewald and Ben Kaniewski either.

“I live a minute down the street, and we both really like to have our exclusive time with our children,” she explained.

However, it may be coming in the future. Sarah Grünewald has previously spoken warmly to BT about the possibility of a marriage

‘I’m not afraid of that. I’ve found the man in my life, but whether we’m married or not does not mean much to me. As long as he is mine, “she told BT at the Zulu Comedy Galla at the Opera in Copenhagen last year and elaborated:

“It’s something that’s a little unsexy to talk about, so it’s something that just has to happen.”

42-year-old Ben Kaniewski is a Frenchman and music producer. The two met each other a mutual friend, Sarah Grünewald has previously told.

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