Sarah Fraisou draws the jumpsuit with the least fabric in Dubai that reveals her thong and gets knocked out!

Decidedly, Sarah Fraisou continues to be talked about. A few days ago, the pretty brunette was at the heart of a new controversy. Indeed, the influencer recently extolled the merits of Pin up secret products. A brand that offers cosmetics made from goat’s milk. In order to promote these articles, the young woman revealed some opinions collected from her community. “Thank you for your advice, a week separates these two photos”, “I ordered the complete range […] I wanted to tell you that for the moment, I am satisfied with your products, so thank you »could we read.

Unfortunately, Ahmed’s ex didn’t pay attention to the next comment… “Hello, finally your soap on the long term killed my skin”, was it written. “I was forced to resort to a dermatological treatment and seeing my skin, my dermatologist said to me ‘you had a bad reaction to a cosmetic’. It’s shameful of you. I wouldn’t advise you at all”. If Sarah Fraisou tried to save the furniture by deleting the message, @Bubblegangmedia had already taken a screenshot… Too bad.

A daring outfit

This Thursday, August 4, the reality TV candidate is again the target of criticism. But this time, product placements are not in question. Indeed, it is indeed the clothing choices of the star who are now singled out. On her Snapchat account, Sarah Fraisou appeared in a black transparent jumpsuit under which she wore matching underwear. And to pimp it all up, the one who can no longer bear questions about her desires to start a family had opted for a banana bag and a pendant. A look that did not go unnoticed and which did not fail to make Internet users react…


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