Sarah Fraisou accused of having lied about her sextape blackmail, she balances the whole truth

A few weeks ago, Sarah Fraisou made the buzz by revealing herself intimate videos on which she was blackmailed. Only, according to these rumors, all this would have been assembled from scratch to create the buzz … For her part, the young woman decided to speak again on the set of The band at Nabilflix, a Youtube show always on the lookout for the latest news on the news people. In this video which the writing of melty tells you everything below, Sarah Fraisou returns to what really happened and responds to the controversy over the veracity of her words …

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Sarah Fraisou responds to the controversy over sextape blackmail – Credit (s): Instagram

Sarah Fraisou reveals that she was blackmailed for a year, and that she herself asked for the videos to be deleted after an argument they had. The person lied to her before claiming 50,000 euros, which she refused to give. The candidate thus preferred to unveil the videos herself on her Snapchat account.

Above all, the young woman answers THE question that challenges Internet users: why not have wanted to file a complaint? Sarah reveals: “For me justice is too long on the stories of cyber-harassment.”.. She also did not want to give his name so that he could not reply! Also discover here this new information on the boyfriend of Sarah Fraisou, who is said to be a former detainee.

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