Sarah Engels: Where is Alessio when the birth starts?

Sarah Engels
Where’s Alessio when the birth starts?

Singer Sarah Engels will soon be a mother of two.

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Singer Sarah Engels will soon have her second child. Now she has told where her son Alessio will be when the birth begins.

Sarah Engels (29) now reckons “at any moment” that the birth of her second child will begin. When exactly the time comes, “the little mouse decides all by itself,” as the singer reveals about the girl during a short round of questions on her Instagram account.

However, it can answer another important question more clearly. “Where’s Alessio when it starts?” A follower wants to know about the six-year-old son of the Cologne-based woman. “My mom kept extra vacation time so that she is ready,” writes Engels. And she adds: “I am incredibly grateful that we have a family that we can always rely on.” She linked her mother, Sonja Strano, her grandmother and her mother-in-law, Veronika Büscher.

Patchwork luck

At the beginning of 2020, Sarah Lombardi, as she was still called at the time, and professional soccer player Julian Büscher (28), his birth name, made their relationship public. They got engaged in November 2020 and the dream wedding followed in May 2021. Since then, the two have been called Engels, their maiden name, by surname.

Alessio Lombardi-Engels, as her firstborn has been called since then, comes from Sarah’s marriage to her former “DSDS” colleague (2011) Pietro Lombardi (29). The two were married from 2013 to 2019, but separated since 2016.


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