Sarah Connor: Sarah Connor shows her daughter’s face for the first time

Sarah Connor
She shows her daughter Summer’s face for the first time

Sarah Connor reveals: Daughter Summer has wanted her own Instagram account for three years. Now the time has finally come.


Sarah Connor has always deliberately kept her children out of the public eye, but daughter Summer’s 16th birthday changes everything: the young woman has her own Instagram account and shows her face online for the first time.

It was a step that Sarah Connor, 42, found more than difficult: her daughter Summer celebrated her 16th birthday on Thursday, June 23, 2022, and was finally able to officially present herself online. A new phase of life that makes Mama Sarah quite sentimental.

Sarah Connor congratulates her daughter Summer

“Happy 16th Bday my SUMMER GIRL @summerterenzi. Your 16th summer is finally here,” Connor begins her touching post on her daughter’s day of honor, for which she shares six photos together. “Welcome to womanhood!!! This is an extra special year in our family. For more than three years you’ve been scratching your hooves to finally be able to dive into the social media world – like your friends – and from now on you can!”

In addition to all the joy, there is some skepticism in Sarah Connor’s lines: “I gotta be honest tho: I’m terrified. (Editor’s note. I have to be honest: I’m scared) From now on you are exposed to the stares and judgments from which I have always protected you. That’s quite a lot for a young woman. We’ve discussed this a hundred times and I think you’re ready. Have fun experimenting!”

The singer also emphasizes how talented her daughter is: “Your voice is just as beautiful as your soul. And I know I have to dress warmly because you’re looking at my stage. Show the world what you can do! @maddfischer and me are your biggest fans!” The 42-year-old ended her birthday post with emotional words: “And if your world gets too difficult for you, I’ll take you back on my back. I love you endlessly, my summer girl!”

Summer Terenzi celebrates stage debut

Summer Terenzi already seems to be enjoying the official permission to finally present himself to the whole world to the fullest. On her public Instagram account, she shares photos with her mother as the first post, and a little later she publishes a second post that shows her on her first stage appearance.

“Tonight was unbelievable, many thanks to everyone who was there!!!”, the 16-year-old writes proudly about the recordings. Summer was allowed to perform on stage for the first time yesterday at her mother’s concert in Leipzig – and made her very proud. “You were INCREDIBLE!!! I love you, Sum!” she comments on her daughter’s post.

Marc Terenzi “couldn’t be prouder”

And Papa Marc Terenzi, 43, is almost bursting with pride. “Being with my kids tonight was kind of surreal!!! […] It was perfect, I couldn’t be prouder. I stood at the edge of the stage with tears in my eyes next to Tyler who felt the same way […]”, the singer writes about a selfie with his children. He uses the hashtags “prouderthanever” [dt.: stolzer denn je]”familyiseverything” [dt.: familie ist alles] and “proudfather” [dt.: stolzer Vater].

Marc Terenzi and Sarah Connor were married from 2004 to 2010 and have two children together: Tyler and Summer. Both of them had an agreement that they were only allowed to appear online on their 16th birthday.

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