Sarah Connor: Sarah Conner surprisingly tells privately about her Christmas

Sarah Connor releases new music – this time a Christmas album. In a new interview, she reveals how Christmas goes at Connor’s house and what function music has for the singer.

As part of her album release “Not so Silent Night”, musician Sarah Connor, 42, tells the “Berliner Zeitung” about the creation of her record and gives surprising private insights into how Christmas is for her and her family.

“At Christmas you can dream away sometimes”

The 42-year-old doesn’t let the stress of preparation take away the magic of Christmas. “Thank God for online shopping. It makes my life easier. […] I love the lights, the mood. I want to keep believing in fairy tales. […] We are constantly confronted with the world. At Christmas you can also dream away,” says Sarah Connor. The 42-year-old spends Christmas with her whole family and friends – in addition to the traditional Christmas Eve, the musician also celebrates properly.

The dignified Christmas Eve is followed by the “crash”

In addition to a quiet, dignified Christmas Eve with traditional roasts and Co., there is also a real party at Connor’s house, which the singer only calls a “crash”. The musical part, where fellow musicians like Nico Santos or her gospel friends sit at the piano and create a Christmas atmosphere, was followed – at least last year – by an extensive celebration, in which, according to the singer, one thing was the main focus: Tequila. “For my husband, the priority was not on decoration, but on tequila. Everyone who was there was constantly being poured tequila. The party lasted until 7, but my husband had already got out at half past two. It was definitely a good party Just be light, be funny, finally let it really pop again […] Oh, I wrote a song about that,” says Connor.

Sarah Connor “just can’t shut up”

Since the creation of her album “Mother Language” and the writing of her own songs, Sarah Connor’s desire to express her thoughts and experiences and share them with the world has grown: “I wanted to create something. I wanted to write. I used to want to I want to be a journalist, travel to war zones and report from there. And I wanted to study marine biology. Music always came about by accident. I hardly listen to music, but like to read a lot and think to myself. That’s the world I immerse myself in.” This way of thinking can also be found in their Christmas album.

And when it comes to political issues, the 42-year-old doesn’t mince words and draws attention to injustices in her songs. The song “Vincent” with reference to the LGBTQ+ scene is the best example: “I just can’t keep my mouth shut and I hate injustice. I have a stage, reach out to the public. And when I feel like I can draw attention to things , take a stand and help people, then I also see it as my responsibility. Not only as an artist, but also as a mother of four children.”

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