Sara Veloso ‘breaks silence’ and confirms (?) End of relationship with ex from “Pipoca”

Sara Veloso and Ricardo Martins Pereira ended the relationship that united them. The revelation was made by Adriano Silva Martins on the program “Manhã CM”, on CMTV, at the beginning of this month of November.

“Arrumadinho and Sara Veloso are no longer a couple, they are over… I know from a reliable source that they are no longer a couple, I also know that there was no trouble of any kind”began by explaining the journalist.

“There are no betrayals, there is nothing strange, love is really over, each one goes their own way”, he also confessed, as you can remember here.

The now ex-couple deleted the publications they had together on social networks, and the two remained silent on the subject until now.

Sara Veloso was doing a question and answer session with her followers through social networks, and in response to a question, she let out details about her “loving state”.

“How are you at the moment on a loving level!? In a positive moment?”, can be read in the question posted by a follower. Sara Veloso replied: “I am in a moment of personal evaluation and reconstruction, but I am confident and calm”, it can be read.

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