Sara Maria Franch-Mærkedahl still finds it difficult to forgive herself after divorce

Although it has been seven years since the weather host Sara Maria Franch-Mærkedahl divorced the father of her children, she still finds it difficult to talk about the divorce.

She tells that in a big interview with Her World.

According to the weather host, it was the hard realization that the couple had grown apart and that they should no longer be together as a family that set her in.

“We are good friends today, but even though the divorce was the right choice, it knocked the legs out from under me. I really felt like I was the one who could make a marriage work until death do us part, and it was a huge defeat to put my children in the situation of missing one of us every day. I still find it difficult to forgive myself,’ she says in the interview.

Seven years after the divorce, Sara Maria Franch-Mærkedahl has found love again with the actor Nikolaj Kopernikus.

The two knew each other beforehand because they had done TV together.

Nicolaj Kopernikus and Sara Maria Franch-Mærkedahl have been together for over a year.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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According to the weather host, it had always been friendly between the two, but one day something had changed after they had made a podcast together..

Nikolaj Kopernikus has previously confirmed the relationship to BT.

“Yes, we are lovers,” said the actor shortly.

The new couple both have children from previous relationships.

Sara Maria Franch-Mærkedahl has daughters Kastanje and Vega Marie with her ex-husband, while Nicolaj Kopernikus has children Mollie, Roberta and Louis from his marriage to the choreographer Birgitte Næss-Schmidt.

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