Sara Bro after breakup: ‘I have a hard time talking about it’

If you are a regular listener of Sara Bro’s podcast ‘Heart Flicker for Adults’, you may have noticed that something has been missing in recent weeks.

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Each program starts with both host and guests revealing their love status.

However, the host himself has recently failed to respond himself.

‘That is because I have suggested that we take a short break from it because I have broken up with my boyfriend. And I have had a bit of a hard time talking about that, “she says in the latest episode of the podcast, where she also reveals that the breach is several months behind.

Lasse Lund and Sara Bro.

Lasse Lund and Sara Bro.
Photo: Henrik R./Ritzau Scanpix

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“I also do not really feel we can talk about it now. Already. But it’s been a couple of months since we broke up, even though I did not mention it here. “

Despite the radio host having been silent about the breakup in the podcast, on October 24, she shared a photo on her Instagram with her more than 100,000 followers, revealing the sad news.

In the podcast, Sara Bro also mentions that she has difficulty navigating how much contact she should have with her ex-boyfriend.

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In the same embrace, she says that they are still good friends and that there is nothing dramatic behind the break-up.

The former couple met each other at a birthday party at a smokehouse in Allinge on Bornholm back in 2016.

Last year in January, Sara Bro went on her knees for her 15 year younger boyfriend, which is why the breakup was also a termination of the engagement.

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