Sapiosexual, Bela Gil speaks after controversy involving sexuality. Understand term!

Last week, Bela Gil was the protagonist of a controversy when he declared sapiosexual, a term that defines sexual attraction to intelligent people, while participating in the podcast “Mil e uma Tretas”. According to the chef, her position had repercussions, including in the family. The presenter explained the context of her speech.

“It was funny. It became a topic even in my own family. They created memes with me. For example, ‘now I’m real-sexual, the person who likes rich Brazilian men’… There were so many things and I: ‘guys, got to this level?’. I thought it was super fun, but it was never my intention to create a controversy”, he said to “Gshow”.

“I think it’s interesting for us to know about our desires, to have a greater understanding about it. And I’m a person who didn’t know they had a name. So when I found out, that’s why I said: ‘by the way, there’s a name for it, called sapiosexual’. So it was good to know that there are other people in the same boat too”, he added.

Recently, Giovanna Ewbank, Bruno Gagliasso’s wife, claimed to be demisexual, as well as singer Iza, and explained that she can only have sex with someone who has some kind of emotional involvement.

Bela Gil comments on raising children


Bela Gil also said that the freedom to talk about sexuality also influences the way she raises her children, Flor, aged 14, and Nino, aged 7, the result of her relationship with designer JP Demasi, with whom she has an open relationship.

“At home there is no taboo to talk to the children. I think the less, the better. Regarding sexuality, the less taboo, the freer and better choices they will be able to make. In a conscious and true way with their will”, declared the businesswoman.

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