Santiago del Moro defended his work in "Big Brother" from Jorge Rial’s criticisms: "I haven’t cared for a long time"

“Big Brother 2022” it goes from scandal to scandal, because of what happens inside or outside the house. Neither the reality show host himself teleph he was saved from being involved in a controversy. in the last hoursSantiago del Moro came out to answer the harsh criticism he received from Jorge Rial.

What did Santiago del Moro say about Jorge Rial’s harsh criticism?

The current presenter of “Argenzuela” He stood out for many years for his brand new leadership in the competition that achieves the highest rating on Argentine television.. For this reason, the father of More Rial felt empowered to comment on the work of the former animator of “MasterChef Celebrity Argentina”.

However, Del Moro did not remain silent and attacked Rial: I am not here, after so long, to explain who I am. Those things (because of what Rial said) you have to ask the person who says it “.

And he added, in a lengthy note to “THE M”: The truth is that I spoke with Jorge at the time and with Mariano Peluffo, that there were two drivers who took charge of this program, to know a little what it was like to host Big Brother, because it is not just another program”.

Santiago del Moro is the host of “Big Brother 2022”.

In this sense, the reality show host teleph highlighted: Big Brother is gigantic because of everything that happens to you as a driver, it goes through you, it wears you, it questions you all the time. But the truth is that there is not much more to it than that. I have nothing to say”.

When asked if the strong words of the journalist bothered him, Santiago explained: “No, because anyone can have an opinion of me and I don’t care about anything. I have not cared for a long time, or I have worked a lot in my life, so that I do not care about the look of the other”,

Santiago del Moro conducts 'Big Brother 2022' weekly and the Elimination Gala on Sundays.

Santiago del Moro hosts “Big Brother 2022” weekly and the Elimination Gala on Sundays.

“I have a number one show on the radio and, right now, number one on TV. I enjoy that and the rest, it doesn’t come to me or matter to me. But it’s not to play it relaxed, I just don’t care.” added.

And he concluded emphatically: “At a time of so much work, you start to get rid of those things. The good and the good vibes are always appreciated, the rest passes and nothing happens. It is not something that changes me or that I can do anything”.

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