Santi Maratea and a strong revelation about his love life: "Never…"

Santi Maratea He is one of the most recognized and loved influencers by users of social networks. The noble causes he carried out, How was the harvest due to the fires in Corrientes?strengthened its image and made it reach a new public that did not know it before.

For this reason, some of his new followers are still unaware of some characteristics of the instagramer and, in that sense, Maratea raised her voice to make clear a sensitive topic for him: her love life.

It all started when some portals questioned if he was dating. In this regard, Santiago warned in a video: “I ask you guys to stay awake. If they see a piece of news that says that Santi Maratea confirmed that he is dating, fake news. That will never happen. As Bad Bunny says, if I share the location it is no longer a secret spot“.

Don’t start with ‘Santi, why are you denied love’ because I never said that, I’m just talking about a theme of the exhibition. It would make me cringe tomorrow to be one of the celebrities who is talked about because they are dating or not dating, who they are with or who they broke up with. I don’t want to be that tomorrow, I want to be the president of the NGO bigger than Google”he maintained with his characteristic humor.

To close, he referred to one of the drivers he admires: “Besides, I have Mario Pergolini as a reference in this exhibition, nobody knows anything about his intimacy, high crack“.

Watch the video in which Santi Maratea talks about his private life!

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