Santa Claus from the Golden Swan: LAST MINUTE RESCUE

His parents wanted him to be a lawyer, he could earn a lot of money in law. But the native of Ostrava threw himself into acting and struggled with existential problems for years! Filmmakers only discovered him in 2007 for the Chetnické humoresky series, but he had to wait another 7 years for another well-paid TV chance. “It’s not handled like it was in the 90s, when actors who didn’t make series looked down on the others because they were acting about the serious stuff. We played about the serious things, but we took 12,000 crowns clean,” admitted the serial husband of Kristýna Ryška (37) aka Irena in Zlatá labuti.

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Personal crisis

Back then, he was so bad that he even thought about finding a civilian job. “After about six years at Provázek, I had a personal crisis. I thought to myself that I won’t be able to start a family and have a child like this,” he recalled the difficult times during his engagement at the Theater Goose on a string. “It was hard to ask a girl out because I didn’t have money for dinner. That humiliated me terribly. I had the feeling that although I was doing my best in my profession, it was still not enough,” he revealed about himself in an interview for


In order to earn extra money by working part-time jobs, he didn’t have time for that because of his busy schedule at the theater. So he took a huge leap into the unknown, decided to go to Prague on his own. And there he gave a nod to the controversial role of the slower warden Topinky in the series Doctor Martin. “I was thinking about taking it. Then I said to myself: What a fool, don’t be a hero,” he revealed Santa Claus, how his journey to fame began. Today, he has a three-year-old daughter with his girlfriend Veronika Lazorčáková (34), plays in the National Theatre, where his partner is also engaged, and is also a star of series. His most recent and current role is the rich man Lukáš Mašek in Zlatá labuti, you can see him every Thursday on Nov. Thanks to movies and series, he can now invite his love for dinner…

The girlfriend has no business

While Robert has already discovered that he can make a very good living thanks to television and series, his talented partner Veronika Lazorčáková is still waiting for a breakthrough film opportunity. Although he says that she is better, and she is also the holder of a prestigious theater award, she does not have any offers for filming. “I don’t really understand that she’s not seen as much on TV and in film because I think she’s a better actress than me. After all, he has a Thalia for actors under 33 years of age. “I left my engagement in Brno to Prague on a free foot to follow her,” defends Veronika Robert. At least he is doing well – this year alone, three of his series are or will be shown.

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