Sano for Karamanski Jr.’s severed arm: The situation is not dramatic, but tragic!

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09 January 2022, 10:54

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“The situation is dramatic, not tragic!” This is how the actor Alexander Sano described the situation around the lost hand of his adopted son – Ivo Karamanski Jr.. As Weekend was the first to reveal, the boy crashed in the Netherlands in early autumn and his left wrist was amputated. However, he endured the problem stoically and even found the strength to joke with him.The young Karamanski was waiting for a bionic prosthesis, which had the capacity to perform up to 90% of the functions of his real hand. The 24-year-old joked that his family would make a “robot”. “I think we are in the final stages. Purely medical things are over. Now, as he jokes, we have to make it a “robocop” for good, “Alexander Sano said in an interview with BTV. For the first time, the star spoke publicly about the unfortunate incident that led to the loss of his adopted son’s hand, about which “Weekend” first wrote. As it is known, the boy’s biological father is the legendary mafia boss Ivo Karamanski-Godfather, but a few years after his death his mother – Nelly Atanasova, met the actor who raises Ivo Jr. as his own child. Karamanski Jr. even added the surname Sano to his birth name. “He traveled to the Netherlands, where he graduated – he studied there. He fell asleep … and so on. He lost the wrist of his left hand, which is extremely dramatic … we are trying not to make things better … not dramatically, but tragically! Thank God, he is alive and well! ” – so the actor briefly told the story of the incident.Against the background of this family tragedy, however, something was found that made him smile. This was Ivo’s courage. He even impressed the professor who operated on him in Vienna. The doctor specifically asked Sano to congratulate him: “I want to congratulate you on your son, because I have been in this thing for more than 25 years – specifically in such cases, and I have never seen a 24-year-old young man go through such a serious trauma and drama in life and be so positive. Your son is just amazing! ”Were the words of the professor.However, the catastrophe and the problems with Ivo’s recovery were not the only ordeal to his stepfather last year. In the autumn he lost one of his closest friends – the actor Angel Genov, who died in London under unclear circumstances. He is the son of actress Nelly Monedjikova, who Nova TV viewers have watched in recent years in the role of Evdokia from the series “All Inclusive”. Sano claims that Genov was like his brother and Monedjikova was like his mother. “I could not send my son like the people. I haven’t heard from Nelly yet – this wonderful woman and our colleague “, shared Sano.Because of all the problems he goes through, the star has built a special philosophy of life. “Life is very special. Let’s not impress him so much! There are difficult moments, we are all here for a short time “, the actor summarizes.





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