Sandra Honestly: "Grey’s Anatomy"-Fame made her sick!

Her role as Dr. Christina Yang has completely changed Sandra Oh’s (50) life! For over ten years, the Canadian-born starred on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. With the premiere of the acclaimed doctor series sandra become a world-famous actress overnight! But that was the end of it in 2014 – since then she has deliberately distanced herself from the series. now gave sandra openly: The “Grey’s Anatomy” fame made her sick!

As People reported, spoke sandra honest about the impact of the huge success: “To be honest, I got sick. […] It was traumatic”, the Emmy-winner said of her meteoric rise to fame on Grey’s Anamtomy. “When you lose your anonymity, you have to develop skills to still try to be real. I wasn’t able to […] to deal with the attention and the expectations.” Looking back, has sandra however, learned from the time on the set: “I have to take care of my health first. It’s also about the soul. So things like doubts, questions.”

Today has sandra concluded with “Grey’s Anatomy”: “I left the show almost seven years ago. So in my mind it’s over. But for a lot of people it’s still very much alive. And while I understand and love her, I’ve evolved.” Nevertheless, she is very grateful for this time – and for the fact that she is still being asked for a comeback.

Sandra Oh as Dr.  Cristina Yang in "Grey's Anatomy"

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Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang in “Grey’s Anatomy”
Sandra Oh, September 2019
Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh during filming "Grey's Anatomy" 2014

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Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh while filming Grey’s Anatomy in 2014

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