Sandra Bullock: Your daughter is supposed to become the US President

Sandra Bullock
Your daughter is to become the US president

Sandra Bullock on the red carpet last year.

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Sandra Bullock is certain that her daughter will one day become President of the United States of America.

If Sandra Bullock (57) has her way, her daughter Laila (8) can look forward to a great career. In an interview with “People (the TV Show!)”, The Hollywood star is certain that she “will be President of the United States”. That is “simply a fact”. Bullock also joked that she would then redecorate the White House.

Bullock adopted Laila in 2005. She also has her adopted son Louis (11). She is happy that she can spend so much time with her children and is very proud of the way they are developing.

Not “cool” at all

She is a typical “mom” for her kids: “When I’m gone, they miss me and when I’m there, I’m annoying. And that’s exactly how it should be.” Her son and daughter usually do not consider her “cool” – only when the actress comes home and has goodies like donuts with her.

Kamala Harris (57) became the first woman to hold the office of US Vice President in January 2021. She has only just become the first woman in US history to hold the fate of the nation in her hands as President, at least temporarily. Because the incumbent President Joe Biden (79) had a colonoscopy under general anesthesia on Friday, he gave her authority for a little less than an hour and a half.


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