Sandman: Why Netflix series turned John Constantine into Johanna

Newcomer to streaming, Sandman didn’t take long to win over audiences and critics. Based on the work of Neil Gaiman, the series does a great job of adapting the plot of the comic and modifying some important aspects. One of the biggest changes happens in Detective John Constantine – who in the Netflix production becomes Johanna Constantine.

“After years in prison, Morpheus, the King of Dreams, embarks on a journey between worlds to recover what was stolen from him and restore his power,” reads the official synopsis for Sandman in The Sandman. Netflix.

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Sandman stars Tom Sturridge (Mary Shelley), Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Cruella), Boyd Holbrook (Narcos), Charles Dance (Mank), Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and David Thewlis (Harry Potter) in the cast.

We explain below why the producers of Sandman decided to replace John Constantine with Johanna Constantine; check out.

Understand Johanna Constantine’s Change at Netflix

Even those who don’t know the plot of the Sandman have probably heard of the paranormal detective John Constantine.

After all, the character is very famous among DC readers. Furthermore, he was played by Keanu Reeves in theaters and by Matt Ryan on TV.

In a recent interview, Neil Gaiman revealed why John Constantine doesn’t appear in the Sandman series. According to the author, the exchange of John for Johanna represents a “narrative economy”.

“We started Sandman like this: ‘You’re starting here. That’s first place. You must not bring any prior knowledge’. When I wrote ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’, the 3rd edition of Sandman, I already knew that everyone knew John Constantine. After all, he had his own HQ: Hellblazer. So he wanted to bring some of his readers to Sandman. Afterwards, I had a lot of fun creating Johanna Constantine, her ancestor”, commented the writer.

In other words: John Constantine is not a creation of Neil Gaiman, but Johanna Constantine is. Therefore, the author has more creative freedom in the character’s plot.

In addition, the change serves to differentiate the Sandman character from the other versions of Constantine – which, as we mentioned earlier, were played by Keanu Reeves and Matt Ryan.

In Sandman, Johanna Constantine is played by the British Jenna Coleman (Victoria). The actress lives two versions of the same character. One is the ancestor of John Constantine, and the other exists in the present day.

“We would have to show Lady Johanna Constantine meeting the Dream in a pub. And for that, we wanted a really classy actress. Then we would have to offer her more than just meeting him at a bar. As there weren’t many women at the beginning, the idea of ​​finding the same actress for both versions seemed cool and straightforward”, commented Gaiman.

The creator of Sandman did not spare praise for Jenna Coleman, the interpreter of the two versions of Johanna Constantine.

“I think Jenna is the best Constantine so far, and strangely, she’s also the realest. She has the humor and the beauty and that sordid, doomed quality. You know that to fall in love with her is to die and become demon food. And you also know that you can’t help but feel that passion.”

Sandman Season 1, with Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine, is available on Netflix.

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