Sandman: We Explain the Season 1 Finale on Netflix

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The Sandman series has finally arrived on Netflix, after a long wait, taking Neil Gaiman’s pages to the small screen. The outcome of this first season may have confused some fans, so let’s dive into it to clear up any doubts.

As in the Neil Gaiman comics of the same name, the final episode of the season closes the Doll’s House arc, which began in the show’s seventh episode.

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Rose Walker’s turbulent role in the cosmos is finally brought to a close in a way that leaves even Morpheus surprised. Villains are seemingly pulverized as threats lurking in the shadows begin to find light.

The heroes are wounded but have a renewed sense of hope and a child of the Dreaming is born into the waking world.

Serial killer Corinthian finally delivers his speech to his fellow “collectors”, further fueling his delusions. However, Dream eventually finds the Corinthian as he is polluting the collectors’ disordered dreams and tormenting Rose Walker, ensuring she witnesses them.

The Corinthian is destroyed by Dream, turned to dust and a small shrunken head. Lucienne, in turn, is asked by Morpheus to protect the skull.

Meanwhile, the collectors are ripped from their dreams by Morpheus and driven to suicide and/or confession for their crimes against humanity.

Lyta ends up conceiving her child in the waking world after dreaming of being pregnant, and is interrupted by Morpheus.

Rose begs Dream to spare Hector, but he explains that Hector needs to obey the laws of death and head to the Sunless Lands, while Lyta needs to continue living her life.

Instead of aborting her baby, Morpheus allows Lyta to give birth, but he warns her that eventually he will come back for her child.

Lyta’s son ends up being a critical character throughout the rest of the Sandman comics, so we can expect the same if and when the series continues.

Gilbert is revealed to be the Fiddler’s Green, a Dream with a tendency to wander the Waking World.

Morpheus forgives Gilbert for escaping the Dreaming, both understanding that it is in his nature to be curious about adventure and also touched by his love for Rose and respect for humanity.

Confusion among the Endless

Unity Kinkaid, Rose and Jed’s great-grandmother, discovers that she was supposed to be the Dream Vortex at the time, during a visit to the library in the realm of Morpheus, where every book ever written or dreamed of can be found.

However, because she succumbed to “encephalitis lethargica” (the sleeping sickness caused by Morpheus’ imprisonment), that fate was handed over to her descendants – in this case, Rose.

As such, Unity is able to assume the title of Vortex of Dreams and sacrifices her life to save her great-grandson, putting up the barriers between the waking world and the Dreaming once again.

Before dying in Morpheus’ arms, Unity explains that she was impregnated by a being with golden eyes during her prolonged sleep – that being was none other than Desire, who essentially raped Unity when she was just a young girl.

In an earlier episode, Desire explains to his brother Morpheus that the only way to deal with a Dream Vortex is to kill it, tricking Morpheus into breaking divine law and spilling familiar blood.

The enmity between Desire and Dream is ancient, but this betrayal causes significant tension between the Endless throughout the rest of the Sandman comics.

Azazel, one of Hell’s co-rulers, convinces Lucifer Morningstar that action must be taken against Morpheus. Lucifer, who never misses a chance to provoke God, cryptically claims that they have a plan to bring Dream to his knees.

As much as there is no way to know exactly about the second season until Sandman is renewed by Netflix, we can infer that the second season will continue with volumes 3 and 4 of The Sandman, as the first adapted the first two volumes.

Sandman is now available on Netflix.

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