Sandman: How Long Does Dream Really Get Stuck

The Sandman plot begins with Morpheus, also known as Dream, being imprisoned. But how long is he really stuck?

This text has some Sandman spoilers. So don’t read on if you really don’t want to know anything.

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Sandman begins in 1916, when a group of occultists seeks to capture Death. However, they accidentally end up capturing their brother, Dream, or Morpheus.

Morpheus is of little use to your plans. However, they still hold him captive and steal his mystical artifacts.

Morpheus, who takes the form of a thin and very pale man, remains completely naked in his prison, not saying a word.

Thanks to a slip, the entity finds a way to escape. Soon after, Morpheus mentions being trapped for over a century.

How long is Morpheus trapped?

The Sandman series is a little vague on these details. But later on things become a little clearer.

We found out that the Sandman story takes place in 2021. This means that Morpheus remained imprisoned for about 105 years.

In comic books, this time period is shorter. Morpheus is also captured in 1916, but the comic takes place in 1989.

That is, in the source material, Morpheus was imprisoned for about 73 years. However, the details surrounding his escape are still pretty similar.

Sandman is now available on Netflix.

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