Sandman Creator Explains Why Netflix Was The Perfect Home For The Series

In an interview with The Wrap, Neil Gaiman explained why he thinks Netflix was the perfect home for a Sandman adaptation.

In several moments, the work almost won adaptation in the cinema. However, Neil Gaiman himself kept barring the idea until the right moment came.

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“We needed to be in a world where we could take the first two volumes of Sandman and turn them into 10 episodes of a high-quality series.”

“In cinema, the big problem was to tell a 3,000-page story in 120 minutes. It would be like trying to put an ocean in a glass.”

“There wasn’t a way to do a faithful adaptation that way.”

“There was also once a proposal to do a TV version of Sandman that would basically focus on Rose Walker’s adventures, with Morpheus being a minor character who popped in every now and then to say things in her dreams.”

“I said, ‘We’re not going to do this, right?’ Now, we’re in a world where we have Netflix. We also have other streaming services with a budget and a desire to do fabulous things.”

“They’ve been very supportive of us with Sandman and now we have the opportunity to show people what we’ve done.”

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Sandman tells the story of Morpheus, also known as Dream. He is captured by a group of occultists who wanted to imprison his sister, Death.

Morpheus remains trapped for decades, until he manages to escape. He then embarks on a journey to restore his full power as the Lord of Dreams.

Sandman arrives on Netflix this August 5th.

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