Sandeva from Prachar can no longer! I have nothing to offer, I miss you

The screenwriters of the endless series Street have revived the character of the Dutch student Skyler. Saru Sandevu but they did not entice to continue. “I was told from the Street that they wanted to restore this line, but I didn’t want to jump back to Skyler. As I say, the series gave me a lot in the beginning, I remember it very much, but even then I felt when I asked for an end that it was time to move on, “ the beauty revealed Express. But they found an adequate replacement that fell out of Sarah’s eye. Michelle Hansen will introduce herself as Skyler.

Beautiful Sara Sandeva talked to Prachar about her vacation!

A lot of water has passed since Sandeva worked in the Street. Sara has grown professionally, she has no shortage of work and can choose from the offers. Plus, who would steal so much time from their private lives, especially when love is just blooming? They have been a couple with an actor for more than a year Jakub Prachar (38), with whom she became close during the filming of the series Two to Kill. “Everything is fine, I have a job, a family, the closest people around me and I’m happy and in love,” revealed a satisfied Sandeva in an interview for Frequency 1.

Surprise for Prachare! In Inkongito, he guessed his partner Sandeva

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