Samsung’s amazing smartphone with 12GB RAM and 108MP camera created a ruckus in the mobile market!

Samsung Galaxy A05 Pro : Another tremendous smartphone of Samsung by Samsung mobile manufacturer company is going to come in the market soon ever since 5G internet service has been launched in India, since then all mobile users want to buy 5G smartphone, so now 5G support mobile The market has grown the most and the sales of 4G support mobile phones have decreased.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Pro

So if you also want to buy a new Samsung 5G smartphone, then you Samsung Galaxy A05 Pro Soon it is going to be launched for all of you in the market, so let’s know about its price and its features.

Samsung Galaxy A05 Pro strong features

If we talk about the display of this mobile, then inside it you are going to get a 6.81-inch dynamic AMOLED LCD display, which 4K resolution + 3840 x 2340 pixels Comes with If we talk about its operating system, then in this you Android 13 operating system Support is available as well as if we talk about its processor then inside it Snapdragon 898 5G The processor is installed which gives you the best speed.

Camera quality of Samsung Galaxy A05 Pro mobile

Talking about the camera quality of this mobile, you get the best camera quality inside it, inside it you get a quad core camera setup, whose primary camera is 108MP megapixels and has 32MP Megapixels Micro camera has been installed and another camera of 16 megapixels and 5MP megapixel camera has been installed.

If we talk about front selfie camera then inside it 48MP Megapixels front selfie camera has been installed.

Other important features of mobile

If we talk about the battery of the mobile, then inside it you get to see a battery of 8000mAh, which is being told that 55W whata fast charging Supports 1000mAh which charges more than 50% mobile in about 20 minutes.

If we talk about the variant of the mobile, then you get to see two variants of it. 10GB RAM with 256GB storage and 12GB RAM with 512GB storage Comes with Internal Storage |

What will be the price of mobile – Samsung Galaxy A05 Pro

If we talk about the price of its mobile, then its real price will be known after the launch of the mobile, but if we say approximately, then its price in the foreign market will be 979 Canadian Dollar May be

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