Sammy Mahdi, Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration: “We need to better control who enters Europe”

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Among your priorities for 2022, are we going to make progress on drafting this migration code that we were already talking about before you became Secretary of State?

We’ve been working on it a lot over the past few months. This will be a big deal this year. It should help us to have shorter procedures and to put an end to multiple applications or appeal procedures which take a year or two each time. Some submit five applications and have ten years. We have also reinforced the staff so that we can speed up the procedures. It’s good to save money, but if we reduce the staff, as the previous government did in my department, people wait much longer for an answer to their file and the cost of reception is heavier.

Last year, nearly 12,000 asylum seekers were rejected. Can we go on like this for long?

No, that’s why we need to change the whole prism of migration policy. Seeing so many people come all this dangerous way to our house to get a negative response is not human. If we want to humanize politics, we must guarantee reinforced borders at the gates of Europe, control who enters and prevent them from being people who, in themselves, do not need international protection.

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