Samm: the oldest cat in the world is 26 years old and seeks to enter the Guinness Record

When he was talking with his friends, Charly commented that his beloved cat Samm had already turned 26, an age that few cats could dream of being. His colleagues were surprised and encouraged him to contact the organization of the Guinness record. It all started as a joke, but today you can become the cat that has lived the longest on the face of the earth.

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“The oldest living cat that we have registered right now is 24 years old”, was the response Charly received when he contacted the Guinness Records. She was speechless and after sharing it with her friends, they encouraged her to keep going and try to earn recognition.

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He is currently in the process of presenting the necessary evidence to prove Samm’s actual age. Her cat was rescued from the street and adopted by her in 2002, however a veterinarian has confirmed its age and assured that the feline is in good health.

Samm is close to becoming the oldest cat alive, as the oldest on record by the Guinness Records is Creme Puff, a feline who was 38 years and 3 days old when he died.


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