Samir Nasri confesses to his heavy illness: this pathology which…

He delighted with his technique when he was still on the pitch. Now, it is through his words and his anecdotes, each more hilarious than the other, that Samir Nasri manages to delight his fans. Became a sports columnist on Canal +the former jewel of Olympique de Marseille who has gained a few pounds since retiring, debriefs and analyzes Champions League and Ligue 1 matches alongside Laure Boulleau and Hervé Mathoux.

Never stingy with anecdotes, he does not hesitate to reveal behind the scenes of certain situations he has experienced. Like the time he stood up to his coach when he played for Manchester City: Roberto Mancini. Or some revelations about the France team. A few hours ago, he returned in particular to the Knysna controversy at the 2010 World Cup. When the Blues refused to get off the bus to train and challenge their coach Raymond Domenech. Not selected for the competition, he did not hide his joy when he witnessed the fiasco of the man who had not wished to retain him for this edition.

Samir Nasri thought he was dying

But this Monday, November 21, it is a much less amusing anecdote that Samir Nasri told Nathalie Levy. Guest on the show As an aside on Canal +, the ex-footballer came back to a very difficult moment for him. We have to go back to 2008, when he was still playing for Olympique de Marseille. At that time, he contracted meningitis which could have got the better of him.

“Long for Dying”, as Nathalie Levy reminds us, Samir Nasri has to go to the hospital for several days to treat his illness. During this period, he was able to count on important people who allowed him to hold on. In particular the ex-president of OM, the late Pape Diouf, or even Louis Acariès. “They sent me flowers every day at the hospital, they called my parents to check on me. I never forgot it”he remembered with tears in his eyes.

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