Sami Akhbriche convicted by the jury of the Brussels Assize Court of the murder of Osama Ben Alla

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The jury of the Brussels Assize Court declared, on Wednesday evening, the accused, Sami Akhbriche, guilty of the murder of Osama Ben Alla. The latter was killed by a bullet in the head on May 27, 2015 in Ixelles. His body was then thrown into the Brussels canal, where it was found ten days later.

The jurors considered that Sami Akhbriche’s guilt resulted from a bundle of serious, precise and concordant clues. In particular, they took into account the confessions made by Sami Akhbriche and members of his family, although they subsequently retracted. “Their confessions, made on April 7, 2020 before the investigators, then on April 8, 2020 before the investigating judge, contain details and personal feelings that make them credible,” the jurors concluded.

On May 29, 2015, Osama Ben Alla’s family reported his disappearance to the police. He had not given any sign of life since he said he was going to see Sami Akhbriche on the evening of May 27, in Ixelles. The body of the disappeared was found ten days later, on June 12, by a lock keeper, in the canal from Brussels to Leeuw-Saint-Pierre (Flemish Brabant).

In March 2020, a relative of Akhbriche told investigators that Sami had killed Osama with a bullet in the head, at the family home, rue de la Tulipe in Ixelles, on the evening of May 27, 2015. The mother, the two sisters and Sami’s brother were present, according to the witness.

In April 2020, the accused confessed to the crime. But he retracted a few days later. His family members also all gave the same version of events, consistent with the key witness’s account, before retracting in turn.

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