Samantha Cristoforetti protagonist of the space walk: she is the first European woman

Rome, 21 July 2022 – Samantha Cristoforetti and the first astronaut And European woman to take part in a ‘space walk’. And it is also the first time that an Italian astronaut leaves a Russian-led space station. This is why Cristoforetti went out with his Russian colleague Oleg Artemyevcommander of Expedition 67 – which is the mission currently underway on the International Space Station – wore a Russian Orlan suit, but marked with blue stripes, unlike that of Artemyev which has red stripes.

The mission began with over 50 minutes latebut the astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) was the first to exit the Russian Poisk module of the Space Station, followed by Artemyev, of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

The one in progress is a ‘extra-vehicular activity among the stars (Eva) and is the first for Astrosamantha. It has a duration of 6 hours and 35 minutes, which will be full of activity. It is broadcast live on Asi Tv.

The International Space Station

What is the Eva mission, in which Samantha Cristoforetti participates

Samantha and Olag will work on, among other things, the Era program (European Robotic Arm) the first robot capable of ‘walking’ around the Russian segment of the International Space Station. Lightweight and powerful, over 11 meters long, the arm has the ability to anchor itself to fixed points of the Station and to move back and forth on its own. It will serve as the main manipulator arm in the Russian part of the Space Station. Its seven joints can handle payloads of several tons, with a wide range of motion for assembly tasks.

When the International Space Station will pass over Italy

You can see the International Space Station easily with the naked eye. Tonight between 9.44pm and 9.48pmlooking north to a height of 10 degrees, it will be possible see the station pass over Italy. And it is a time when Samantha will most likely still be outside the station engaged in her activities.

The ISS will therefore cross the Italian sky from north-west to north-east in 4 minutes, with a northbound peak at 16 in height (from Rome as a reference).

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