samantha akkineni: Malaika-Shilpa’s fitness workout will fade in front of the ‘Family Man 2’ actress, know Samantha Akkineni’s diet

Samantha Akkineni is one of the most popular stars in the South Indian film industry. The actress has also appeared in Manoj Bajpayee’s web series ‘Family Man’. Samantha is the daughter-in-law of South superstar Nagarjuna and wife of Naga Chaitanya. Apart from acting in films, Samantha is known for her style and fitness. The fashion sense of the actress is always in the headlines.

At the same time, when it comes to fitness, Samantha is one of the fittest actresses in Tollywood. He has maintained himself very well. The actress, who is very active on social media, keeps sharing her workout videos, which gives fans information about her fitness routine.

Before and after gym routine

Samantha Akkineni has revealed her fitness secret in an interview. She said that she does a lot of weights and burns a lot of energy before going to the gym. After hitting the gym, she drinks her protein shake which is vegetarian. Apart from this, they drink more amount of water to keep hydrated. The actress believes that drinking water is the most important thing, as it keeps you hydrated.

Samantha doing weight lifting

Samantha is an inspiration to millions

Samantha’s workout videos are no less than an inspiration to hit the gym. If you have ever wondered what is the secret behind Samantha’s fit body? So we will tell you in this article. So that you also consider maintaining yourself through his fitness tips. Today we bring you his fitness secrets, which will surely motivate you to hit the gym and shed those extra pounds.

Samantha’s Diet

Regarding her daily diet, Samantha said, ‘I take eggs for breakfast, because I do not have much rotis. I like avocado. In lunch I have Indian vegetables apart from fish or lamb. I don’t eat rice, but I do eat bajra a lot. I consume only bajra food in dinner.

Silambam exercise

The actress often makes sure to practice other forms of yoga. She practices an Indian martial art form called Silambam. This pose is not easy for everyone but Samantha manages to do it with caution. He has practiced it for a long time.

jogging if not gym

The actress has a tremendous passion for fitness. Whenever she goes out for jogging, if not the gym. In the gym, Samantha does split squats with dumbbells.

Recently, a video of her also went viral in which the actress was seen doing barbell hip thrusts, which builds strength in the glutes and this exercise is better than any other lower-body workout.

Samantha is also fond of cycling

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