Sam Raimi and Paul Feig will produce the film Suburban Hell

The big screen adaptation of the novel Suburban Hell, described as a horror comedy, will be produced by the two directors Sam Raimi and Paul Feig.

Paul Feig And Sam Raimi they will be the producers of a film based on the novel Suburban hellwritten by Maureen Kilmer.
The deal was made by Legendary Entertainment, Feigco Entertainment and Ghost House.

Suburban Hell’s screenplay will be penned by Joanna Calo who will be tasked with adapting the story of a group of mothers whose friendship is tested when one of them is possessed by an evil spirit.
Paul Feig, a great expert in the comedy genre, and Sam Raimi, one of the masters of horror cinema, have therefore decided to collaborate to exploit their respective talents in making the feature film.

Because Sam Raimi made the history of horror cinema

Calo recently led the successful series The Bear, of which she is co-showrunner, writer, producer and director.
The small-screen project has already been greenlit for a second season after garnering rave reviews. Calo also penned the Lost Ollie script for Netflix and is part of the Hacks writing team.

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