Sam Dylan at "Celebrity Big Brother": Georgina Fleur rails!

Georgina Fleur (32) talks extensively about Sam Dylan (31)! After appearing in Battle of the Reality Stars, the two became very close and appeared to be downright bosom buddies. In the meantime, the Prince Charming star and the former bachelor candidate have fallen out heavily – among other things because he had divulged her pregnancy. Since then, they have not left good hair on each other. because Sam will soon be seen on Celebrity Big Brother Georgina now even get carried away to another rant!

In your Instagram-Story gave the 32-year-old her clear opinion sams Participation in the reality show. “Celebrity formats have always been his big dream. Many friends, his ‘great love’ and even my innocent little daughter had to be betrayed and sold for this.”railed Georgina. She also emphasized that she did not speak of envy. “Let’s see what exciting stories he will tell about his ‘celebrity friends’. He has always used the name, gender and my pregnancy, private matters, friendship in the press,” she shot against the 31-year-old .

In this course Georgina also clear that they and Sam never been best friends. “I guess I was just blinded and a little tipsy”, explained the former jungle camper. According to her, he staged the friendship in order to attract attention. “It was all very calculating of him,” the native of Heidelberg is certain.

Georgina Fleur and Sam Dylan

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Georgina Fleur, TV fame
Sam Dylan and Georgina Fleur in Dubai, November 2020

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