Salvini has a new theme for the elections: “I sweat, I’m not like Letta”. The Pd secretary: “I will appear. If you start like this, where can you get? “

He had started with the images of the Madonna (one, two, three, four … just a few) exposed behind him for the interview with Tg1. Catholic electorate in the crosshairs, obviously. So, took the stage a Domodossola, he immediately poured out another two, three. Symbols of a completely different nature. One: via the beard. “A promise to his friend Silvio,” she said. The surname is not mentioned, but everyone knows of the idiosyncrasy of Berlusconireturned faithful ally, for the long hair, whether it is on the face or hair in the wind.

Two: “I eat sausage”. And who knows who will have targeted, if i hunters oi butchers. Then another big political issue: “I’ll finish soon because I’ve already lost two kilos, I sweat… Yes, I sweat, I’m not like those of the Pd who never sweat. Thinking about it, I’ve never seen Read sweaty…”. The first election campaign summer of the republican era has already taken on the tones of festivalto listen Matteo Salvini. Read, he added, “will have one higher culture and in fact he was professor a Pariswe hope that you will soon return to be a professor … “.

Words that provoked the response of the secretary dem himself, who has already said that until 25 September he will try not to chase his opponents but to talk about issues: “I will appear. Sweat breaks out. If you start like this, where can you go? “, Asked the former Prime Minister in a tweet, returning to the theme also in the living room of Half an hour more by Lucia Annunziata.

And on the fact that the Democratic Party has come to govern with the League he underlined: “This majority was only And unrepeatablebecause with Salvini never again. But it had to be done for the good of the country, with the exceptional opportunity to have Mario Draghi as Prime Minister “.

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