Salvini: “Bringing NATO to the borders with Russia does not bring peace closer. Should Italy say no to Sweden and Finland? It’s not today’s theme “

“I think only in terms of peace. What brings peace closer must be done immediately, what takes away peace must be put on the waiting list. Does bringing NATO’s borders to the borders with Russia bring peace closer? I leave it to you to judge …“. Matteo Salvinion the sidelines of the Lega convention in Rome, rejected a possible entry of Sweden And Finland in NATO. “My priority is to put those who have abandoned themselves around a table. There is no discussion about who invaded and who defended themselves and there is no discussion about our roots in Western values ​​of freedom, respect for democracy and civil rights. We are in the third month of the war: we need to stop ”. The words of the leader of the League provoked the reaction of the Democratic Partyaccording to which Salvini’s statements would “an assist to Putinhelping him explicitly “.


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