Sales 2022: the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 connected watch is less than 50E

Do you want to make an original gift or simply treat yourself? Then this offer should interest you.

Benefiting from a 26% discountthe connected watch Xiaomi Smart Band 7 sees its price plummet!

To offer or afford, we love this high-performance Xiaomi connected watch, equipped with a 1.62-inch screen, allowing you to read your notifications and favorite applications clearly and easily. Compatible with Android you can receive your calls and SMS directly on the watch.
Equipped with sports monitoring containing more than 110 training modes, this connected watch allows you to enjoy your sports sessions with ease, to follow your progress in one click, but also your sleep and your heart rate.

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Its 180mAh battery gives it a 14-day battery life that won’t let you down. Also, you will have the possibility to change and personalize your screen thanks to more than 100 dials available. Waterproof up to 50m, it resists perspiration and rain, and allows you to use it in all circumstances, without fear of damaging it.
Its anti-bacterial and light bracelet makes it a trendy object to wear every day. Currently on sale on Amazon, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is offered to you at only 49,99€.

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