Saira Banu Refused To Work With Shammi Kapoor After Junglee Actress Denied Everytime After Hearing His Name

Saira Banu did not work with Shammi Kapoor in any film after ‘Junglee’. She used to refuse to do the film as soon as she heard the name of Shammi Kapoor.

Bollywood’s famous actress Saira Banu made her debut in Hindi cinema through the film ‘Junglee’. In this film, Saira Banu played the lead role along with actor Shammi Kapoor. The film was a big hit on the screen as well, and the pair was so well liked that after Junglee, the rest of Bollywood’s producer-directors tried to cast them together. But after ‘Junglee’, Saira Banu did not appear in any film with Shammi Kapoor. Not only this, the actress used to refuse to do the film as soon as she heard the name of Shammi Kapoor.

This thing related to Shammi Kapoor and Saira Banu was revealed on ’70 MM with Rahul’. Actually, the shooting of the film ‘Junglee’ was being done in Kashmir. Many people were also present there to see their favorite stars, which became a problem for the actress. At the same time, the director wanted Saira to give a bold scene.

Referring to Saira Banu, the host said, “Saira Banu got a little nervous seeing the people present and she was not able to shoot. She was not able to give the good expressions which were expected from her. In such a situation, that shot was being done again and again, due to which Shammi Kapoor also got very angry.

Laughing at Saira Banu, Shammi Kapoor said, “If you are shy about acting in front of everyone, then get a burqa for you.” Hurt by this thing of Shammi Kapoor, Saira Banu started crying on the set itself. After the pack-up, Saira Banu said, “I will sign the next film with you only when I become a good actress.” The host told that after ‘Junglee’ many producers tried to recast Shammi Kapoor and Saira Banu.

But whenever Saira Banu used to hear Shammi Kapoor’s name, she flatly refused to do the film. Apart from Shammi Kapoor, Saira Banu had never worked with Rajesh Khanna in her career. Although the actress had no rift with him. Both were even cast in ‘Choti Bahu’ and ‘Resham Ki Dori’.

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