Saira Banu Offered Naagin Before Reena Roy Director Persuaded Her For Six Month Actress Did Not Convinced

Before Reena Roy, the film ‘Naagin’ was offered to Saira Banu. The producers also followed him for six months for the film. But she did not agree.

Bollywood’s famous actress Reena Roy had rocked Hindi cinema with her many films. But his film ‘Naagin’ had won the hearts of the people so much that it is still in the hearts and minds of the audience. Along with the acting of Reena Roy in the film, her style also surprised people. However, before Reena Roy, the film ‘Naagin’ was offered to the famous actress Saira Banu. The producers were also after the actress for about six months for the film. But she did not agree to do it.

Saira Banu herself had told this in an interview given to In fact, he was asked if there were any roles that you had turned down. Responding to this, Saira Banu had said, “As an actress, I have always chosen unusual projects for myself, whereas my colleagues have often chosen big banners.”

Saira Banu further said about this, “I always wanted to be comfortable in what I was doing. When Rajkumar Kohli was making ‘Naagin’, he tried to persuade me to do the film for about six months. But I never agreed to this film because I didn’t think I was right for the film.”

Saira Banu said about Reena Roy’s performance, “I used to think Reena Roy did a better job. I might not have been able to give that kind of performance. Apart from Naagin, the film ‘Guide’ was also offered to Saira Banu. He had said about this, “I was offered the film ‘Guide’ twice. But I had agreed to ‘Habba Khatoon’ at that time, due to which I could not do that film.

Let us tell you that after a few years of marriage with Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu had said goodbye to Bollywood. He had said about this, “Saab never asked me to leave my career. Even after marriage, he used to convince me to follow my career. But after some time I started to feel that my heart is not focused on my career.

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