Saint-Affrique: a 17th Christmas for soccer players still as friendly and supportive

Always as much conviviality for the 17 years of the Christmas of the soccer players.

For the first time, the footballers’ Christmas was held at the Edmond-Devilliers stadium. The president of the Saint-Affrique club, Carole Cros, recalls that for 17 years of existence, the charity operation has already collected more than 35,000 gifts for the Restos du Cœur.

A very nice collective initiative to raise awareness among the nearly 250 children present “to the reality of other friends of the same age who are not necessarily as lucky as them when it comes to opening their Christmas presents” indicates Isabelle Moulières, co-president of Restos du Cœur.

And to add : “This year, we are happy to see that the children donated better quality toys and a lot of new toys. Because the objective is not to get rid of your things but to make a real gesture”.

The team of Restos du Cœur volunteers.

Women’s sport side


Children who were unable to bring their gifts to the event will be able to do so during the coming week. Launched by the District of Aveyron 17 years ago, the operation brought together more than 2,000 children – for 285 teams – throughout the department. Steady rise for several years now.

Something to delight Romain Colucci, the son of Coluche, famous founder of Restos du Coeur, in 1985. Coming to meet footballers on the grounds of Viviez and La Fouillade, Romain Colucci welcomed this outpouring of generosity. “ Participating children brought 2,000 gifts. They were collected by the association, which will sort, clean and package them so that they can be offered to families just before Christmas. In Aveyron, there are 1,200 children at Restos. The contract is completed and they will have more than one gift each. It’s a great operation which, beyond the numbers, teaches children to be sensitive to precariousness, which is on the rise in France. And Aveyron is even a little more affected than the national average.

Resolutely turned towards others, this Saint-Affrican edition also coincides, this year, with the creation of a women’s team, the result of an agreement between Saint-Sernin, Belmont-Vabres and Saint-Affrique. “Women’s sport is getting more and more media coverage, so obviously it inspires vocations. A third of the players were already playing in mixed teams. Today, they train twice a week. It’s their first tournament, so they are very happy but a little stressed” tell the coaches Agnès Combes and Claudio Valente. Joy, friendliness and solidarity are the key words because the important thing is to participate!

The 8 teams present at the Edmond-Devilliers stadium

The 8 teams present at the Edmond-Devilliers stadium

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