Sahara India Refund 2022: Court gave new order to Sahara India

Support India Refund 2022: Sahara India has once again been held guilty by the District Consumer Forum for not returning the deposit money of crores of people across the country. District Consumer Forum Chatur has been ordered by the court to pay more than two lakh rupees to Sahara India, as well as asked to follow the order, in which there is an order to give refund money for 1 month. Sahara India was told Is. sahara india refund news sahara india refund apply sahara india returning money sahara india login sahara india policy details

to cook According to Maharani Farm resident Paritosh Parashar and another through agent, on 15 September 2012, ₹ 28 thousand. 450 Had taken the support of Rs. Q Shop Plan H, in this way a total of 56 thousand ₹900 Rupees were given to Sahara India for compliance on behalf of both the complainants after 6 years in the deposited capital under the scheme 235 Retribution was to be done, the complainant’s forum told that after 6 years when the agent was contacted for the amount, he started refusing to pay and was getting angry that we will not give the payment.

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New Delhi : In Sahara India, the money of millions of customers across the country is stuck, Sahara India says that it wants to give money to every customer, but the stock market is all ( SEBI ) Lakhs of people who had invested heavily in Sahara’s schemes are kept with them, but even after many years, they are waiting for their budget. According to the government, Sahara India Real Estate Competition Limited (SIRECL) has 232.85 from too many customers 19400.87 crore and Sahara India Investment Corporation Ltd. from 75.14 customers 6380.50 crore rupees were deposited but the total including the interest of the investors of Sewa Sahara 138.07 Crores of rupees have been able to be returned as well as billions of rupees to the customer are still stuck in Sahara India.

information given by the government

The government has given such information about Sahara India that till now the service will be done only with the interest of Sahara’s customers. 138.07 Sahara India Area Corporation Limited Sahara India has returned only Rs. 232.85 from lakh customers 19400.87 crore rupees and Sahara India Investment Corp. Ltd. 75.14 from millions of customers 6380.50 Had deposited crores of rupees means you are also trapped in this scam of crores of rupees of the customer.

How many refunds have been received so far?

The Supreme Court had ordered on August 31, 2012, after which the total amount paid by Sahara India from the customer 25,781.37 In the ‘SEBI-Sahara Refund’ account by December 31, 2021 in lieu of the original amount of Rs. 15,503.69 Have deposited Rs. Minister of State for Finance Of According to some information given from the side, SEBI 81.70 for a total principal amount of Rs.crore 53,642 Attached Original Bond Certificate / Pass Book 19,644 applications have been received. Of these, SEBI 138.07 total amount of Rs.crore 48,326 Original Bond Certificate / Passbook holders 17,526 Refunded to eligible bondholders.

Where are investors’ money?

Giving this information, the Union Minister has said that the Securities and Exchange Board of India after the order of the Supreme Court and in consultation with Justice BN Agrawal appointed by the apex court in the case of Sahara. (SEBI) By giving several advertisements, the customer has been told what is the application process for withdrawing the money. About 1.12 lakh crore rupees of about 13 crore investors are stuck in many units of Sahara.

SEBI had imposed fine

Let us tell you that earlier, the market regulator SEBI has approved two companies of Sahara Group, Sahara Commodity Services Corporation Ltd. and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Ltd. Along with Subrata Roy (subrata Roy)and imposed a fine of Rs 12 crore on three others. This fine 2008 and 2009 in violation of regulatory norms in issuance of voluntarily fully convertible debentures. Apart from this, this year, the customers of Sahara India Pariwar are continuously going to different places and announcing to demand their refund. Actually, crores of customers in the country are in a lot of tension regarding the refund of money stuck in Sahara, all the customers of Sahara are all.

Not getting all the money even after maturity?

Many discussions keep coming up regarding Sahara India refund status, in which it is said that even after the customer’s time is over, their maturity is not happening. They are not getting their money, profit had opened their refund deposit account here, along with that many people’s RD is going on where but still the government is not helping anyone to get any money and Sahara India customer’s money is sitting on medicine.

Action taken on Sahara India.

According to the new news, it has been told that major action is being taken against the company regarding the Sahara India refund status. by court Too A notice has been sent to Sahara India to refund the money and a few days ago, on behalf of the Government, the Finance Minister was also told in the House that soon the money of the Sahara India family would be refunded.

Sahara India accuses service

Recently, let us tell you what is the answer of all the customers regarding the Sara India case. 25000 There has been an allegation of depositing Rs. The answer has come from Sahara that all the customers who have 25 crores deposited with TV, but even then they are not understanding the pain of the poor and are also threatening not to return their money and Sahara India has said about it. A letter will also be issued in which it has been told that Seva has kept Sahara by going and because of this it is not able to return the money of the custom customer.

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Why is Sahara India delaying so much in giving the money?

Let us tell you that the Securities and Exchange Board of India has close to Ara India. ₹25000 The deposit is deposited and along with this payment of only Rs 125 crore has been issued by the Securities Youth Exchange Board of India in the last 9 years, then if anyone returns this money to the customer or it will be returned to Sahara India. To whom Sahara India will be able to give money to its customers, Sahara India has to say that there is a lot of delay in giving money to Sahara India, all this has been told by the Sahara India family on Monday.

Sahara India refund not received as correct documents not received yet

Some time ago, it has been told by the Finance Minister that applications related to the original bond paper and certificate were sought regarding Sahara India refund, in which 19 644 Applications have been received, it has been said by the government that the amount is not matching the data of the application so far overall 81.70 for Rs. 53,642 The certificate bond paper has not been found yet, soon the government will be able to check all these applications and the money of all the customers will be refunded.

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FAQ ABOUT :- Sahara India Refund 2022

✔️ How much money has been deposited with Seva by Sahara India.
Ans. It has been told by Sahara India that they have deposits of Rs 25,000 crore with the service.

✔️When will get Sahara India refund.
Ans: No solution has been found for such customers who had deposited their money, but it is being said that Sahara India’s money is with Seva, so Sahara India is not able to give money to all the customers.

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