Sagar News: Two children who were sleeping in the dark were attacked by ladiyas

Bina (Navdunia News). Two children who were sleeping outside the house were attacked by Ladaiya due to power outage. Ladaiya has bitten one child in the ear and badly in the leg of another. Both the children, who were injured due to the bites of Ladaiya, were brought to the Civil Hospital in the night for treatment. Both were discharged after first aid, but due to non-availability of antirabies injection in the hospital for a week, the family members had to get the injection from medical.

Ramcharan Ahirwar, father of Ritik, a resident of Ranpur, who was injured by the bite of a lad, told that the power company has stopped the power supply of Harijan locality five days ago. He told that the company officials have deliberately stopped the supply of the poor settlement. They say that electricity bill of lakhs of rupees is pending on the villagers, but only 50 thousand rupees electricity bill is left for Harijan Basti. Rich people live in the village, so instead of shutting off the supply of the village, the electricity company has only stopped the supply of Harijan Basti. Due to this about 70 families are facing huge problems. Due to the humidity on Friday night, his son went to sleep outside the house in Dahlan. At around 1 o’clock in the night, suddenly the fighter attacked him. On shouting of Hrithik, the housemates took the chart out and shouted and drove away the fighter. But by then Ladaiya had badly bitten the child’s ear. Due to this, he took the child to the hospital for treatment. After a while in Harijan Basti itself, Satish’s father Kashiram Ahirwar (14) was bitten by Ladaiya in his leg while sleeping. The children were also brought to the hospital for treatment due to deep wounds. The people of the village say that these incidents are happening due to the power supply shutdown.

There are no injections in the hospital

There is no anti rabies injection in civil hospital for almost a week. Due to this, both the children who were injured due to the bites of Ladiya could not get anti rabies injection from the hospital. Due to this, both the children had to get the family injected from the hospital medical. Due to the lack of injection, people coming to the hospital for treatment of dog bites like these have to get injections done by medical.

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