Sadie Sink’s moving confession about Stranger Things


Sadie Sink brings Max to life in stranger things and she is one of the most beloved artists of the Netflix series that has now moved her fans with her latest statement. She knows what she said she.

Sadie Sink as Max
© NetflixSadie Sink as Max

The fourth season of stranger thingsIt has become a viewer favorite. Although the whole story was a complete success since the premiere of its first edition, the truth is that the last one was the one that managed to make story on netflix. Well, the continuation of this drama has shown, once again, why the series is one of the best creations of the streaming giant.

Likewise, the return of stranger things has brought the actors, once again, to the center of attention. However, amid the fury of the original fiction of the Duffer Brothers, details have been known about the interpreters that came to surprise the fans. Among them is the last confession of Sadie Sink, who plays Max in the strip and it is one of the most beloved in all of history.

However, the truth is that the actress was about to lose the role. And that was precisely what he just revealed in a report. According to the actress, she auditioned for the role in the second season, but the producers did not agree with her inclusion. This is because, for the creators, Sink was too big for the role of Max.

However, during his interview with the magazine Fashion Magazine, Sadie Sink confessed how her election process was. “I begged and begged them to give me more material so I could show them something new“Said the interpreter of Max. On the other hand, the actress insisted that she was suitable for the role. So, obviously, the artist’s insistence worked abysmal.

The producers listened to Sink and called her to check the chemistry she had with Gaten Matarazzo (Dustine) and Caleb McLaughlin (Luke). Something that, as it looks good in the series, worked perfectly. In fact, Max has become one of the most important characters and many fans have been offended by the tragic end he met in the fourth season.

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