Sad scenes from Crash Landing on You that made us cry

Crash Landing on You is a 2016 drama that caused a tidal wave of emotions in the entire audience. He made us laugh, scream, celebrate, scare us and even broke our hearts with various scenes. Did any of these moments make you cry too?

Crash Landing on You starring Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, it tells the story of a South Korean woman who falls into North Korean territory and with the help of a soldier tries to get out of the territory without being seen. A drama full of romance and exciting scenes what did they do to us mourn much.

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In the drama Crash Landing on You, the plot revolved around the character of Son Ye Jin, and by constantly exposing her life to danger, it was only natural that her scenes would make us cry repeatedly. Do you remember any of these moments?

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Moments from Crash Landing on You where we all cried seas

One of the scenes that Crash Landing on You What brought fans to tears the most was when Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoo Se Ri meet in South Korea and are in the room together talking about the life they would like to have together if they could. Who would have thought that this conversation would end up being real for the actors in the series who got married and already welcomed their first child.

Another scene that also saddened the public was when Ri Jung Hyuk left special notes all over Yoo Se Ri’s house, causing the girl to cry after her parting.

A moment that shocked many was when they found out that Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoo Se Ri had met long ago, in a completely different country with no idea that they would meet again in the future. How many times did Ri Jung Hyuk save Yoo Se Ri?

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Another scene that broke our hearts a lot was Ri Jung Hyuk’s coldness when he was caught by the South Korean army, who was trying to investigate why they were in South Korea. When he met Yoo Se Ri, he started to be cold towards her so she wouldn’t get involved.

The scene that broke us all was when Goo Seung Joon comes back to save Seo Dan. But, although he manages to rescue her from the group of thugs that kidnaps her, he is seriously injured and the last moments of her life broke our hearts.

The last farewell between Yoo Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk when they both meet at the border between North and South Korea also moved everyone, especially the soldier’s concern for his beloved, who had just undergone surgery.

Although it seemed that Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoo Se Ri would never meet again, everyone squealed with excitement when, years later, they met again in Switzerland. Having a happy ending.

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