Sad Roman without Melanight? He answers frankly


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Credits: Instagram @ romain.benn

Would Romain be sad since his breakup with Melanight? He answered frankly.

Romain and Melanight left their mark during the broadcast of The Villa of Broken Hearts 6. The young woman did everything to get her ex back, who ended up giving her another chance. Together, the two lovers then participated in The battle of couples 3, where a big argument broke out with the other candidates. Indeed, a fight took place between Julie Bertin and Melanight, which earned them an exclusion from the game. After that, the lovebirds lived happy days in Paris. But in November 2021, they ended up putting an end to their story, which many did not validate..

Romain’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @ romain.benn
Romain does not regret his past with Melanight
Romain does not regret his past with Melanight – Credit (s): Instagram @ romain.benn

Since their breakup, Romain, who has a great community on YouTube, continues to post videos on which he can be seen with his ex. Would the latter be sad without Melanight? During an Instagram Frequently Asked Questions on January 10, 2022, he responded frankly and let it be known that he was a bit bored now that he’s single: “It’s a bit boring I admit”. Regarding the videos, he clarified: “I don’t regret my past. I’m part of that kind of erasure person, I don’t run away from my past, I embrace it strongly. My love story was amazing.”.

Melanight is happy to have regained her freedom

Shortly after their separation, Melanight made it clear that his jealousy was a problem within their relationship: “I am very jealous and possessive and I forbid Romain to see people … Me, I went to see girlfriends that Romain did not want me to see. And he said to me: ‘If you are going to see your girlfriends, I’m going to see my buddies’ “. Recently, during a question and answer session, she also implied that her sweetheart might have left her to do TV. Between them, the tea towel is still burning. The pretty blonde is therefore very happy to have regained her freedom.

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